1) Include hotel and bus transfers
 Period  A  B  C  D
 Single room 13000  15000  18000  21500
 Twin room 11000  13000  16000  19500
 Triple room 10000  12000  15000  18500
 4 pax room  9000  11000  13000  18000
 A Jan. 15,17-22,24-29, 31Feb.1-2,14-19,21-26,
 B Jan.16, 23,30,Feb.20,28.
 C Feb.3,4,11,12,13
 D Feb.5-10
Above rates include one night hotel accommodation at Cross hotel with breakfasts,
round trip trnasfer by coach from Sapporo Cross Hotel to Ice Hills Hotel
1000yen coupon /pax for dirnks or to join the ice activities.
Option: Add 2000 yen for unlimited times to join the ice activities listed on 2)b,c,d.
Bus Package Rates from Sapporo Cross Hotel
Jan. 17|Feb.28, 2016
2) Coach transfer and activities at ice hills Hotel @6000 yen /pax
Above rates include round trip transfer by coach from Sapporo Cross Hotel to
Ice Hills Hotel, enjoy all attractions at Ice Hills Hotel
a) Provide a 500 yen drink coupon at Ice Hill Bar, Royce Bar
b) Snow mobile experience ride together with an instructor.
c) Snow Banana Boat ride
d) Snow Tube ride.
e) Additional of 1500 yen to include Japanese lunch on Fri, Sat, Sun, Holiday only.
Guests from other hotels can also join this plan.

Shuttle bus schedule:
Depature times from Sapporo Cross Hotel 9:30 am and 14:30 pm
Return from Ice Hills Hotel (stop by 20 min.at Royce no Sato Park Shop)
12:30 pm and 17:30 pm
It takes around 90 min.for one trip
More details
3) Snow mobile tour plan
 Beginner Course  1 person ride  30 min.  @4500 yen
 Normal course  1 person ride  50-60 min  @10000
 Normal course  2 person ride  50-60 min  @15000
Participants should be 10 years up
and 1.2 meters up high.
Will provide a drink coupon 500 yen
Plan include instruction lesson and
rides. Each ride last 10 to 15 min.